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Quectel LC76G Series GNSS Module LC76G(AB) LC76G(PA) LC76G(PB) LC76GABMD LC76GPAMD LC76GPBMD

Quectel LC76G Series GNSS Module LC76G(AB) LC76G(PA) LC76G(PB) LC76GABMD LC76GPAMD LC76GPBMD

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  • GNSS module
  • 10.1 mm × 9.7 mm × 2.4 mm
  • 0.5 g
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS and QZSS
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C

Key Features

  • Multi-GNSS engine for GPS, GLONASS, BDS, Galileo and QZSS, ensuring fast and accurate fixes in any environment
  • Footprint compatible with L76 module
  • Industry-leading sensitivity: -166 dBm during tracking and -147 dBm during acquisition
  • Integrated LNA for improved sensitivity
  • Embedded multi-tone active interference canceller for anti-jamming
  • Supported interfaces: UART and I2C


Based on the latest enhanced chipset, the Quectel LC76G series GNSS module supports concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS and QZSS. The LC76G series is designed to be compatible with Quectel L76 module, allowing for smooth migration.

Compared with single constellation receivers, by enabling multiple GNSS constellations, the LC76G series increases the number of visible satellites, reduces the time to first fix and improves positioning accuracy, especially when driving through dense urban canyons.

The integrated LNA delivers high sensitivity and facilitates high accuracy positioning, fast signal tracking and acquisition and excellent module performance even in challenging environments.

By combining EASY (Embedded Assist System), an advanced self-seeded AGNSS feature with ALP* (GNSS Low Power) mode, the LC76G series achieves high performance with low power consumption and satisfies industrial standards. The EASY technology allows the module to calculate and predict orbits automatically by using the ephemeris data (duration of up to 3 days) stored in the internal RAM. As a result, the LC76G series acquires a position fix quickly, even at lower signal levels with low power consumption. Moreover, with the ALP* technology, the LC76G series can adaptively adjust the on/off time based on the environmental and motion conditions to achieve a balance between
the positioning accuracy and power consumption.

Based on its enhanced performance, the LC76G series is ideal for consumer and industrial applications. Extremely low power consumption makes it a preferred solution for power-sensitive applications, such as Toll Tags, Emergency Beacons and Battery operated Container, Pallet or Animal trackers.

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